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Mobile Towbar Fitting

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1. Choose The Type of Towing Electrics You Want Us To Install :-

There are three choices -

7 Pin Electrics

Twin Electrics

- Ideal for towing a trailer

- Great for plugging your bike rack into

- Can be used for towing horse boxes, jet ski’s, car transporters, motorbike trailers.

- Could be used to tow a caravan but you wouldn’t charge battery or fridge.

- Ideal for towing anything

-  Perfect if your caravan is pre 2008 as you will need these electrics.

-  One socket provides electric to the lights and the other socket provides electric to the fridge and charges your leisure battery.

13 Pin Electrics

- The industry standard for caravans now.  13 pins which are wired to perform all your caravan lighting electrics, charging your leisure battery and keeping your fridge cold..

- adapters can be bought to fit 7 pin or twin attachments.

Towbar Electrics Explained

2 Choose The Type of Wiring You Want Us To Install :-

It can be installed using either universal aftermarket wiring, or using what is known as vehicle specific, or dedicated wiring.

Vehicle Specific wiring can be more expensive, but has several benefits to justify the cost. When getting quotes for a towbar installation it is important to understand what you are looking for. The 'cheapest' way to install the wiring is not necessarily the best.

On older cars you have the option to decide how you would like the wiring to be installed, you can choose between universal aftermarket wiring, or vehicle specific wiring depending on your budget.

On newer cars which have safety features built in to the car which would only be activated with vehicle specific wiring, we always fit the wiring as standard included in the price that you are quoted. Using universal wiring on these cars would mean that essential safety features are not active when you are towing. In the future all cars will require this type of wiring to be fitted.

To help you make an informed decision, you can click on the images below for further information about universal aftermarket wiring, and vehicle specific wiring.

There are two choices -

1. Universal Towbar Wiring

Universal towbar wiring kits have been the industry standard for aftermarket towbar wiring.

Universal electrics are the lowest cost option for any towbar fitting.  Universal electrics do provide all the lighting functions you need to keep you towing legally however they come with certain disadvantages as cars have got increasingly more electrically complex and as a result they DO NOT activate some of the safety features offered by the majority of new cars.

We at trailertrek towbars want to ensure that you first of all maintain your manufacturers warranty and secondly tow safely ensurting that all of your cars safety features are activated therefore if your car is within its 3 yr manufacturer warranty then we will advise you to have dedicated (vehicle specific electrics) on it to ensure we do not invalidate your warranty.

Trailer Stability Control

- Not normally activated by universal electrics

- New cars have tsafety features so we believe you should use them to ensure you are towing as safely as possible.


Vehicle Warranties

- To prortect your warrant dealer insist that towbar wiring must be the equivalent to that supplied by themselves.  There are three or four suppliers who make dedicated wiring looms for the cars and we mainly purchase them from these sources.

Using universal electrics DOES NOT meet this requirement and could invalidate your warranty-

-Warranties will only be affected from where the aftermarket electrics are installed so if your clutch fails then this will be covered.

Interface Relays

Universal towbar wiring is installed (where necessary) using an interface relay which protects your cars on board systems from being overloaded by the trailer or caravan wiring. Modern interface relays have built in electronic resettable fuses.

This system essentially draws the power directly from the vehicles battery to provide power to the lights on your trailer or caravan, and only uses the vehicles lighting circuit and to provide a 'signal' to the interface relay. This means that only a very small additional load is placed on your vehicle.

2. Vehicle Specific Wiring / Dedicated Wiring

Vehicle Specific Wiring, sometimes known as 'dedicated wiring looms' or 'plug in kits', are in our view at Trailertrek Towbars the way towbar fitting is going.  These dedicated looms are made to the exact specification of the car.  There is no crimping, cutting wiring harnesses or soldering fittings as the wiring harness is bespoke for your vehicle.  If the manufacturer were doing it then this is the way they would do it.

- Each kit is designed specifically for the vehicle that it is fitted to.

-  The kits interface with the vehicle systems in the same way as the vehicle manufacturer intended.

- Dedicated electrics are complicated and as a result are more expensive.  Normally the cost is about £100 - £175 more dependent on the vehicle although some vehicles can be more expensive.

The extra cost is justified because the wiring is installed as the vehicle manufacturer intended it to be fitted, it means that your warranty won't be affected.

If your vehicle is less than 3 years old, or is still within the manufacturers warranty, you would need vehicle specific wiring to protect that warranty.  

Dedicated electrics are designed to work with all the vehicles safety equipment so all the functions are activated e.g. fog light turn off, reversing sensor turning off, trailer stability control turning ON etc etc…

Trailer Stability Control

Trailer Stability Control is an extension of the cars normal Stability Control, and will be fully activated if dedicated / vehicle specific electrics are installed.

Other Towing Functions

Any other towing fucntion your car . Vehciel or van has will be activated by vehicle specific electrics.  We ensure that these towing functions are operable when we install your towbar by downloading specific software into your cars electrical system allowing it to liven up the towing aids and functions.

Dealer Download / Software Download / Vehicle Auto Diagnostics Software

At Trailertrek Towbars all of our fitters can install dedicated electrics and they are all able to download the relevant software onto your vehicle so it knows it is towing.  

Our fitters will activate all of your safety features on your vehicle and chack that they are working using our lighting box.  We use a Westfalia Autlocode system and a Autologic diagnostic tool to dowmnload and software to your vehicle.  These tools are expensive and not all towbar fitters have the correct tool to do the job.  All of the vehicles we re-programme are done right right first time everytime.  We install the software as part of the job so you dont have to go to a dealer and pay extra for the privilege.

We can code all VW and Audi vehicles correctly and fit for local dealers for fleet and commercial customers.  

Vehicle Warranty

Vehicle specific wiring complies with the manufacturers warranty instructions so any warranty on your car would not be affected at all by the towbar wiring installation.