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Mobile Towbar Fitting

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The most popular type of towbar in the UK. The Flange towbar is where the towball is bolted to face plate by two M16 Bolts.
They are the cheapest and have the largest range
They are the most versatile and bumper plates, stabilisers, bike carriers can be fitted to them.
They are non removable and can interfere with parking sensors
Swan Neck Towbars are more commonly used in Europe but are becoming more popular in the UK due to the introduction of Al-ko type stabilisers which are now coming as standard on most makes of caravans and certain types of cycle carriers.
Competitive Prices and there is a large range
They can be used with Alko Stabilisers, Thule Bike Carriers.
They are slimmer in design and don’t detract from the cars looks
Disadvantages -
They are non-removeable
Accessories can sometimes be hard to fit e.g. bike carriers, bumper plates etc..
Advantages -
Very popular now in the UK as they are sleak, good looking and can be removed easily. The unique design enables you to remove the neck of towbar leaving just the electrics on show at the bottom edge of bumper. These are our most popular towbar fitted at the minute.
Completely removeable when not in use and very sleek
Do not affect parking sensors when detached
Electrics can be hidden behind bumper on certain types.
Can be used with Alko Stabilisers and Thule Bike Carriers
Disadvantages -
Are more expensive than flange and swan neck towbars
After choosing your towbar type you need to choose the towbar electrics you require.  There are 3 choices:-
7 Pin Towbar Electrics
Twin Pin Towbar Electrics
13 Pin Towbar Electrics
7 Pin or Single electrics are primarily used for towing trailers, jet ski’s, boats, horse boxes.
Twin electrics are primarily used for towing caravans or boats that require the fridge and battery to be charged.
13 Pin electrics are primarily used for towing caravans manufactured after September 2008
Towbars Electrics Explained

1. Choose The Type of Towbar You Want Us To Install :-

There are four choices -

Flange Towbar

Detachable Towbars

Swan neck towbars are composed of vertical mounting systems, enabling them to be mostly fully hidden behind your vehicle’s bumper once the neck has been detached.

Fixed flange ball towbars are the most commonly used type of towbar in the UK, composed of a tow ball that is bolted to the bar.

Swan Neck Towbar

Swan neck towbars have the tow ball fitted as a part of the neck of the towbar, creating a much tidier and more compact look than some other designs.

Towbar Types Explained

TrailerTREK Trusted Supplier and Approved Fitters

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TrailerTREK offer a professional towbar fitting service with trained fitters.  We have many years of experience in the towbar and towing industry and can supply and fit towbars throughout the Midlands Area.

The customer comes first at TrailerTREK Towbars and we will ensure that our service to you is second to none.  Our aim is to be the industry leaders in towbar fitting and exceptional customer service is what we try to achieve on each fitting whether to public or trade at great prices.

All of our towbar  mechanics & electrical technicians are level 3 trained and are approved installers of dedicated or specific electrics.