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TrailerTREK Trailers

This handy check list should be used before each journey:-

Is the trailer loaded correctly i.e. is the load distributed properly.
Load should not be too heavy on the nose of the trailer and should be spread according to the trailer instructions.
Is the load within the trailers payload i.e. not overloaded.
Is the towing vehicle able to tow the trailer i.e. a Ford Focus can’t tow a 2 tonne trailer.
Is the load secured properly
The lights should be in full working order and lens’s should be crack free
The 7 core cable and trailer lighting plug should be undamaged
The number plate should be attached
The brakeaway cable needs to be attached and undamaged
Tyre pressures should be checked
Tyres tread needs to be checked
Nuts and bolts should be torqued correctly and free from defects
Mudguards should be secured and in good condition
The coupling height of the trailer should be the correct height.
The nose weight should be between 50 and 100kg depending on car
The jockey wheel / corner steadies need to be wound up and secure
Check that the brakes and dampers are working at start of journey
TrailerTrek Trailer Checks